Saturday, October 31, 2015


It's and I spotted a mike, therefore I can sing

It's , therefore it's our sacred duty to decorate with flexes promoting gutkha and whisky

It's . therefore, we must break all laws to turn into a rotting hell, otherwise people get disappointed

  • besides that's exactly what mother goddess wants

It's , therefore GIMMICKS !!!

it's therefore I must stuff myself with bacteria & parasite laden stale food from the temp street-side stalls in order to have fun

It's therefore, I must prove my Bengaliness by playing loud garish "item songs" from Hindi movies in above 200 decibles

it's therefore, I must get pushed, shoved, groped, pick-pocketed and probably fatally injured for the sake of pandal hopping

  • ..and try to take selfies during all that

it's therefore, I loooove getting stranded in traffic for 5 hours while attempting to go to buy vegetables

it's therefore, I must psychoanalyse anyone talking about excessive power consumption and assign them a suitable mental illness

It's , therefore the only news I am interested in is what clothes those wearisome people on telly are planning to wear

It's and I am getting wealth, success, sons & my enemies will perish as our priest announced so on mike in exchange of 501 rupees

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